ZADAK is a high-end custom water-cooled PC brand that offers compact case and PC designs that are sophisticated, elegant and easy to assemble into one's fantasy PC. Cooled by Asetek.

SPARK AIO Liquid Cooler

Optimal silent cooling with ARGB effects

  • Enhanced Design Demonstrates Optimized Cooling with Efficiency
  • Advanced ARGB Lighting Effects, Perfect Built-in Lighting Profiles
  • High-Class Radiator Fans for Silent Operations, Durability, and Powerful Cooling Performance
  • Reinforced Extended Tubing Free from Potential Damage During Handling
  • Tool-free Mounting Bracket for Painless Installation


The Spark AIO incorporates Asetek high performance CPU liquid cooling technology.

ZADAK Spark AIO CPU cooler

How to Buy

Contact ZADAK for information on how to purchase.