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  • Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S AIO CPU Cooler Review

    legit_value-award"This cooler is an Asetek built system, with a little Thermaltake touch, so we expect to see numbers fairly similar to other Asetek systems, like the Corsair H105. Also like I’ve found with many Asetek built systems, installation should be a breeze with this kit."

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  • Velocity Micro Edge Z55 (2014)

    Pcmag EC"This $4,299 system is competitive in all the ways that matter with the $7,779 Digital Storm Coridium. It's faster on five of the six 3D gaming tests, and it's no slouch on any of the other tests it didn't win outright. And the case is easy to get into for future upgrades; the only drawback is that the chassis and motherboard are too small for a 3-way SLI configuration. Still, we wholeheartedly award the Edge Z55 our Editors' Choice for high-end gaming desktop PCs."

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  • Ice-cold Temperature Killa: Arctic Accelero Hybrid II-120 GPU Cooler Review

    techgage_editorschoice"It’s obviously a supremely effective way to reduce your GPU’s thermal output compared to any stock cooler. Whether or not you overclock your graphics card, the massive near-30°C improvement our performance tests show is impressive. The fan’s lack of noise is also an appealing benefit. Basically, if you crave either great temperature, particularly at maximum load conditions, or quieter operation, the Accelero Hybrid II-120 is something you should consider."

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  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Performance Review

    Dam Good"Let’s take a second to talk about that Asetek-supplied water cooling setup since without it, I doubt AMD would have ever been able to achieve the R9 295X2’s spectacular performance. It uses a single bay 120mm radiator which is compatible with nearly every case on the market and flexible tubing so installation is a breeze. This setup limits the card to an operating temperature of just 65°C while under full load while remaining extremely quiet, effectively eliminating the issues associated with the other cards in the Radeon R9 series."

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  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 8GB Video Card Review at 4K Ultra HD

    Legit Reviews recommended-award"The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 video card has finally arrived! This is the first dual-GPU graphics card based on AMD’s latest Hawaii architecture and just happens to use two fully enabled Hawaii XT GPUs. With 5,632 stream processors (2 x 2,816) running at 1018MHz and 8GB of GDDR5 memory running on a dual 512-bit memory interface running at 1250MHz (5.0GHz Effective), you should already know that this will be a beast of a card!"

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  • AMD Radeon R9-295x2 Review

    Guru3d Toppick"The cooling is impressive as you can expect 70 C temps as maximum on both the GPUs under heavy load. We can't stress enough though that liquid cooling and coolant are very susceptible to ambient temperatures. Make sure that your chassis has proper ventilation. Noise then, the card is a bit audible under heavy gaming load. You will hear it, no doubt -- but it remains acceptable and is not at a level that it's annoying or anything"

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  • Corsair H105 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Review

    Legit Reviews recommended-award"Overall the price of this kit hits the market just right and it couldn’t be recommended enough. Installation is simple, performance is on par or better than every kit we have tested, and you can’t forget about how reasonably priced this kit is."

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  • CORSAIR Hydro Series H105 CPU Cooler Review

    Vortez Gold Award"The Hydro Series is now a well-established division for Corsair, and it’s clear to see why. H105 tops our cooling charts, comes with a much improved mounting mechanism and is backed by a satisfying 5 years warranty. We have no reservations in handing out our prestigious gold award."

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  • Corsair H75 Review at OCAHOLIC

    "Overall, the Corsair Hydro H75 Series is a very good product with exceptional quality, especially considering that we did not like the manufacturing quality on the Hydro H90 that we had a chance to see earlier. It also offers a really good cooling capacity while maintaining silent operation and good performance."

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  • NZXT Kraken G10 GPU Water Cooler Review on an AMD Radeon R9 290X

    Legit Reviews recommended-award"The Kraken G10 from NZXT allows you to install ANY Asetek based All-In-One (AIO) water cooler to your video card. NZXT has kept the retention system the same on their pumps for seven years and will be using it again on their next-generation products as well."

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