RackCDU ISAC™ (In-Server Air Conditioning)

Warm Water Total Server Cooling for Data Centers
RackCDU ISAC™ sealed servers with In-Server Air Conditioning capture nearly 100% of server heat providing data center cooling cost reductions exceeding 50% and operation without concern for air quality. Like Asetek's D2C™, ISAC includes direct-to-chip coolers for CPU, GPU and co-processor cooling. What makes ISAC unique is the inclusion of In-Server Air Conditioners which enable ISAC to cool the remaining components without exchanging air between servers and the data center. All air is sealed inside the server and recirculates rather than exiting and heating up the data center.

Air circulating within the server captures heat from low heat flux components and ISAC In-Server Air Conditioners (air-to-liquid heat exchangers) collect the heat into liquid while pump/cold plate assemblies sitting atop CPUs (or GPUs) collect heat from these processor chips. The pumps move heat collected by the cold plates and the air-to-liquid heat exchanger into the RackCDU™ for transfer to facilities liquid.

RackCDU ISAC is deployed at a rack/server level providing maximum scalability. The RackCDU consists of a zero-U rack level CDU (Cooling Distribution Unit) mounted in a 10.5 inch rack extension that includes space for 3 additional PDUs. ISAC enables RackCDU deployment as a data center upgrade during server refresh cycles as well as in data center new builds. ISAC enables 2.5x-5x increases in server density without concern for air quality. 


Features and Benefits

  •  Captures nearly 100% of server heat
  •  Sealed server airflow mitigates air quality concerns
  •  No air is exchanged between servers and the data center
  •  Provides data center cooling cost reductions exceeding 50%
  •  Reduced data center OpEx and CapEx
  •  Virtually eliminates the need for data center CRAC
  •  Surveillance/alarm system supports DCIM via SNMP
  •  Low pressure, redundant pumps for reliability
  •  2.5x-5x increases in server density 


Data Sheet


Calculating the Benefits

Simple Example (Data Center Density):

  • If a 1U server draws 1kW total.
  • Data center is provisioned with CRAC supporting 8kW / rack.
  • Density is limited to 8 servers per rack.

With ISAC:

  • All 1000W is removed by liquid.
  • CRAC units removed and CRAC infrastructure is converted to support ISAC.
  • Density can expand to 42 servers per rack, a 425% increase.

Simple Example (Data Center Power Savings):

  • If 1U server draws 500W and its CPUs use 60% of the wattage under load. A fully populated rack draws 21kW.
  • CRAC power draw to support 21kW is 7kW per rack. (Cooling PUE = 1.34)

With ISAC:

  • 100% of the thermal load is removed by liquid cooling.
  • CRAC infrastructure is converted to support ISAC.
  • Liquid cooling uses 3kW per rack.
  • $3,460 in net power savings per rack per year (@10 Cents/kWh)

Capital Cost Dynamics:

  • CRAC units and CRAC infrastructure is converted to support ISAC.
  • No server heat sinks.

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